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Replay Available from July 2024

Mastering Creative Staffing Solutions for Your Growing Firm

Dive into Legal Staffing Excellence

Case Status helps you scale your team by enabling each member to do more. Our AI has even been called the co-worker who never takes a vacation or gets stuck in traffic. But what is the construct of your team? How can you scale in different areas when full-time staff is just not the right option?

Join us on July 16th for an exclusive roundtable discussion where top legal staffing experts share their insights on composing the ultimate team including everything from fractional CEOs to virtual receptionists. Whether you want to streamline operations or scale your firm, this event will answer all your legal staffing questions.

Meet Our Esteemed Panelists:

jon cumberworthJon Cumberworth
Founder and CEO of Acting Executives
Jon Cumberworth leads Acting Executives, a company dedicated to elevating, empowering, and guiding law firm owners to achieve their vision through experienced advisors.

Stacey LakeStacey Lake
Founder and Managing Director of Lawfecta
Stacey Lake is at the helm of Lawfecta, a company that delivers superior virtual paralegal and legal secretary services tailored to solo attorneys, small to mid-sized law firms, and boutique legal establishments.

Brett TremblyBrett Trembly
CEO and Co-Founder of Get Staffed Up
Brett Trembly co-founded Get Staffed Up, the largest virtual staffing company for lawyers in the US, known for providing comprehensive staffing solutions that help law firms thrive.

1516337838591Chris O'Brien
Co-Founder of CaptureNow
Chris O'Brien co-founded CaptureNow, a company that ensures no phone call is missed, eliminating losses, reducing ring time, and maximizing efficiency for law firms.

Hosted by:



Paul Bamert
VP of Marketing at Case Status


Event Details:

Available Ondemand

Why Attend?

  • Beat the Heat: Enjoy a refreshing dive into the latest trends and strategies in legal staffing.
  • Expert Advice: Get invaluable tips from seasoned professionals on optimizing your firm's staffing and ensuring you have the right people in the right seats.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This roundtable will answer all your legal staffing questions from fractional CEOs to virtual receptionists and everything in between.

Don't miss this chance to cool down this summer with the hottest insights in legal staffing. Register now and take the first step toward elevating your law firm's staffing strategy!


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