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Pond Lehocky Giordano Achieves 1 Million Client Logins 

"1 Million Client Logins Is a Game Changer"

In the fast-paced world of law firms, Pond Lehocky Giordano recently achieved a remarkable milestone: becoming the first law firm to reach 1 million client logins to their 5-star branded mobile application (in just 16 months)!

This extraordinary achievement is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the client journey and the client experience. It's a shining example of how a firm who delivers great legal services and drives exceptional client service technology can yield happy clients who, in turn, bring additional benefits to the firm.  Each client login represents a person who has been empowered in their case or matter, who has had excellent service from their legal team, who has simplified communications (bye-bye email, text and phone), and who has otherwise tracked their progress to a great legal outcome.  

Pond Lehocky Giordano has seen amazing business outcomes including a massive reduction in emails and phone calls, a huge gain in OPEX, and earned growth from direct client referrals and online reviews that will serve as a business tailwind for years to come. 

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