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Csae Status Assembly Jason E Taylor

Replay from May 2024

Innovate & Integrate with Case Status and Assembly Neos

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Client engagement doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated! Discover how the Jason E. Taylor Law Firm simplified client interactions using the integrated tech stack of Neos and Case Status.

As pioneers in adopting this innovative integration, the Jason E. Taylor Law Firm didn't just improve client updates—they transformed the way they connect with clients, meeting them in modern digital spaces where they prefer to engage. This shift not only enhanced client satisfaction but also drove substantial business outcomes for the firm and its staff. Learn about how they:

  • Accessed top engagement tools, including multilingual support and AI-driven responses
  • Seamlessly synced data from Case Status to Neos for visibility across the firm
  • Saved over 400 staff hours by using Case Status in conjunction with Neos
  • Utilized Neos case management platform to deliver superior client service and boost productivity
  • Sent automated updates from Case Status, resulting in 9.1 average feedback on a scale of 0-10

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why use case status

Why Use Case Status?

Listen to real stories of how Case Status has streamlined communications and helped grow referrals.

radically transforming

Radically Transforming

We are transforming the way the legal industry engage with clients and the business results are RAD!