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Replay from June 2024

Firm Growth Is Your Rising Tide

This Summer Season, Get Your Intake Working, Even When You Are Relaxing

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Summer is upon us.  That means it is time to harness that inner Jimmy Buffett in all of us.  When you take that vacation, will you be able to relax your mind knowing that your firm is thriving back home? Really relax? 

This is our summer wish for you so we are going to bring you the insights that will work for your firm...  from the Atlantic to the Pacific and every fresh water beach in between.

Let's start in San Diego where we are going to tap into Maria Monroy's expertise.  She is the Co-founder and President of LawRank, a national agency that helps lawyers, especially injury attorneys, reach the front page of Google. Maria’s mission is to translate the invisible factors that dictate how a firm's page ranks in the game of SEO.  Maria is normally the one doing the interviewing in her popular podcast, Tip the Scale, which focuses on maximizing law firm growth. But in this session we will "flip the scales" and put Maria on the hot seat to understand the important relationship between client satisfaction and SEO.

Joining Maria from the lowcountry shores of South Carolina, Paul Bamert will bring the consumer insights that fuel happy clients (aka reviews) and lots of questions for Maria.

We are going deep into the gulf stream of local SEO, including exclusivity, and the importance of physical branch location and the raw material (score and # of reviews) that help fuel the machine.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Always On SEO Strategy: Learn how a continuous, robust SEO approach can keep your firm visible and attract high-quality leads year-round.
  • Client Satisfaction: Discover the synergy between positive client experiences, 5-star reviews, and enhanced SEO performance.
  • Stress-Free Vacation: Find out how combining SEO with Case Status’s engagement tools ensures your firm runs smoothly, even while you're on a summer getaway

Register Now to transform your practice this summer. Learn how to optimize your SEO, elevate client engagement, and enjoy a stress-free vacation, knowing your firm is in good hands. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to legal marketing and achieve sustained growth and success.

About Maria Monroy

President & Co-founder

Maria Monroy, Co-founder and President of LawRank, is a renowned expert in SEO for law firms. With a rich background in management and customer service from industry giants like AT&T, Maria has been helping attorney clients grow their brands and achieve SEO success since 2013. Known for her ability to simplify complex concepts, Maria ensures her clients not only get results but also understand the process behind them.

When not strategizing for clients, Maria enjoys working out, reading, and spending time with her three young children.

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