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From Invisible to Invaluable:

Master LSAs and Take Your Market Share

Learn The Latest LSA Tips That Boosted One Louisiana Firm’s LSA Performance By 50%

Attention Law Firm Owners & Marketing Directors:

Google LSA advice often feels like a mix of myth, hearsay, and (if you're lucky) a sprinkle of guesswork.
In this presentation, we cut through the noise to offer you no-nonsense, data-backed, real-world tips for boosting your LSA Performance.

Forget the generic 'guru' advice. This session will have absolutely no yawns, no déjà vu, and a no-BS 60 minutes packed with immediately actionable strategies you haven't heard before. We GUARRANTEE it.

Join Clixsy & Case Status, featuring special guest Mike Morse from The Mike Morse Law Firm, for rapid-fire, actionable content that will kickstart your LSA performance in as little as a few days or weeks.

What You'll Learn:

  • 'Missed' Call Myth’: In the first 3 minutes hear about How Clixsy found Google's Hidden Penalties on Your LSA Responsiveness
  • The Click-to-Call Code Cracked: Unveiling the Hidden Feature In Google’s LSA App that Boosts LSA Responsiveness—A Clixsy Exclusive Insight.
  • The 3-Step Google Review System Case Status customers use to get double-digit % growth in new reviews
  • Mike Morse’s 'Zig When They Zag' Method Amplifies Community Goodwill and Reviews—A Masterclass in Differentiation.
  • The Go-Giver Review Strategy that earned a small solo practice over 900 Google Reviews
  • And so many other value-packed insights…we’ll likely run out of time before we run out of “wows”


Featured Speakers

  • Paul Bamert
    • Paul Bamert is the VP of Product Marketing at Case Status, renowned for his expertise in launching trailblazing technology solutions and driving business growth. With over 25 years of experience in marketing and business leadership, Paul excels in developing strategic initiatives that maximize customer value and profitability. His entrepreneurial mindset fuels his passion for identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities, ensuring sustainable success for businesses.
  • Corey Vandenberg
    • Corey Vandenberg, Co-founder and President of Clixsy, is a seasoned expert in digital marketing, particularly within the legal sector. With over a decade of experience, Corey's innovative and cost-effective strategies stand out. He co-authored "Guaranteed Leads: A Lawyer's Guide to Getting Everything You Can Out Of Local Service Ads" and has worked on notable projects like Stephen Covey's "The 3rd Alternative". Corey's unique approach and track record of success make him a go-to resource for businesses seeking to attract more clients.
  • Will Pettet
    • Will Pettet, Founder and CEO of Clixsy, is a visionary entrepreneur specializing in legal marketing. He pioneered techniques to influence Google's Autosuggest and replicated that success on Amazon, positioning himself as a leader in understanding search dynamics. His deep understanding of SEO positions him as a sought-after authority in the industry. With a proven track record of revenue-driving results, he leads campaigns that excel in highly competitive markets.
  • Special Guest: Mike Morse
    • Mike Morse is the founder of Mike Morse Law Firm, the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan. Since being founded in 1995, Mike Morse Law Firm has grown to 150 employees, served 25,000 clients, and collected more than $1.5 billion for victims of auto, truck and motorcycle accidents.

Why Watch:

Secure the Competitive Edge Your Law Firm Deserves: This exclusive webinar goes beyond the surface to deliver the LSA strategies that have remained under wraps—until now. With Clixsy's proven insights, Case Status's groundbreaking review system, and Mike Morse’s innovative strategies for Law Firm Growth, this will be anything but just another webinar.

Expect to walk away with:

  • Advanced Insights: Unearth the strategies that can place your firm in the top two of Google's LSA rankings for both mobile & desktop searches..
  • Actionable Strategies: Receive step-by-step guidance on applying these insights directly to your firm’s marketing efforts.
  • Direct Expert Access: Pose your most pressing questions to our panel of LSA experts and get bespoke advice.
  • A True Competitive Advantage: Equip your firm with knowledge that most will never have access to, setting you apart in your market.


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Closing Argument:

Here's the deal: If you’re tired of hearing “it just takes time” or “LSA just is unpredictable” this event is for you. It’s time to make a decision. Are you ready to leave behind the guesswork and master your LSAs? This is your ticket to leapfrogging over the competition and grabbing more of the market share you want.

So, here's your moment of truth—stop playing the LSA game by ear and arm yourself with the strategies that actually work.

Click 'Yes! Sign Me Up For The LSA Secrets!' to join us for this No fluff, no filler—just the hard-hitting insights your firm needs to thrive. Don't sit this one out. Your firm's future success is waiting on the other side of that button.