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Join the webinar replay from October.

Build to Your $100 Million DayTM

Does your firm have what it takes to achieve a $10M verdict?   Or maybe a $100M?  It won’t just happen. The Connecticut Trial Firm (CTF) started down this path six years ago with a very specific agenda in mind.  So when they achieved their first $100M vedict, it was not by chance.  CTF knows aspirations are one thing, but success is the crossroad where preparation and opportunity meet.

In preparation for CTF’s upcoming $100 Million DayTM event in November, join us for this web session focused on the 3 most important factors to achieve that $100M verdict:

  • Finding that case with the $100M potential
  • What to do from a business perspective, practically speaking, to enable firm operations
  • Strategy and tactics needed in trial
  • Join Live as we will be giving away 1 free registration to the event in November!

Presenters: Ryan McKeen and Andrew Garza - Connecticut Trial Firm

Hosted by Case Status and Filevine - Proud Sponsors of $100 Million DayTM

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