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The Future Of Client Communications

Join us for this recorded webinar, The Future of Client Communications to learn more about changing consumer trends (like the 5 hours a day they spend on their smartphones, the almost 100% of that time spent in apps of their favorite brands, and their number 1 complaint of their legal services team) and how your firm can take advantage of these changes. You’ll leave with actionable takeaways you can use to boost client satisfaction and help reduce occurrences of the number one client question “What’s the status of my case?”

Hosted by Case Status (the client portal that transforms how you engage with clients), Neos’ latest integration (Coming Soon!)

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June 2023

Case Status is the leading mobile client portal and messaging platform for law firms.  We drive the best client experience that will both help you operate more efficiently and produce grateful clients who will provide more 5-star reviews and direct client referrals.